Love Dilemmas…Cheating Husband

Love Dilemmas…Cheating Husband.


Your Relationship & Honesty

Your Relationship & Honesty.

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You and Your Sex Life

Mr Vito Speaks

[mass noun] (chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse:

That all important powerful gift of connection that has brought many people together since the earth began and simultaneously torn so many people apart. The subject of sex is broad and this subject should never be taken lightly.

When you are growing up your body, spirit and mind develops urges to be touched, to connect, to be aroused, to explore and to have sex(Join With Someone Emotionally Physically & Spiritually). These feelings or energy in motion are not wrong, but most times we do all these things with the wrong people. If you want to be strong and careful with your body you can. If you are still holding on to your virginity I want to let you know you don’t have to be pushed by your feelings to do anything. Never feel guilty about having…

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Rome wasn’t built in a Day & neither is a Wife

When good women speak, Listen closely…
It’s FYB

Dear Mrs Vito

{“Rome wasn’t built in a Day & neither is a Wife” – @MrVitoSpeaks}

Are you Single? Are you in a Relationship? Do you want to move from the Relationship you have to the Right kind of Relationship?

I believe that people should be in the Right kind of Relationships…..

This is were you consciously declare and make the decision (despite your past) that the Next Relationship you get in to will be the Right one. This is done by actively choosing to change any negative behaviour, thought process, false expectations, and a commit to actually having and maintaining Self Respect. I definitely had to do it and it is often said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” and I didn’t want to make the same mistakes nor did I want a ‘Go with the flow’ Relationship.

After my last Relationship breakup I went on a Journey and it took me…

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Single Man & His Desired Relationship

Good Relationships always start with Good Intentions

Mr Vito Speaks

Single and Looking….Man

For those of us who are single, I want you to know that there is no peak time or rush hour for love. This is really the best time for you. A good relationship is always around the corner the question is just how great is your vision at the moment?


Men:- A man must be searching not just longing for the woman he needs. Things and people don’t just appear and if they do appear in the absence of our preparation they will be hard to trust.

You have to actively search your heart, your surroundings and discern amidst your female friends, someone who would be a great candidate.

I am not so sure, what it is about ‘relationships’ that hates ‘friendship’. Most men will look past a good female friend in favour of a girl who knows nothing about them. This may be one of…

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